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The NRL's Indigenous Round, occurring in Round 10 (May 11 - May 14), aims to highlight significant social issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. It is also an opportunity for the Game to cement our commitment to the Indigenous community and celebrate the unique relationship between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and Rugby League.

The theme of the 2017 Indigenous Round is RECOGNITION.

2017 is a year of celebration as we recognise some significant milestones. In addition to our partnership with RECOGNISE we are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Referendum and the 25th Anniversary of the Mabo decision.

Indigenous Milestone Timeline

  1. 1925 Glen Crouch – First Indigenous footballer to tour overseas, playing 11 games for Queensland in a New Zealand tour
  2. 1945 Bill Onus – Co-founds the Redfern All Blacks Rugby League team, becoming a major community and political organisation throughout the 1950s-60s
  3. 1960 Lionel Morgan – First Indigenous player to represent Australia in Rugby League
  4. 1967 Constitutional Referendum – 90.77% of the nation voted 'Yes' for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to be included in the Census 50th Anniversary
  5. 1971 First Aboriginal Flag flown at Victoria Square in Adelaide
  6. 1972 Policy of Self Determination – Implemented within the Australian Government
  7. 1973 Arthur Beetson – First Indigenous player to captain Australia
  8. 1973 1st Aboriginal Touring Team tours New Zealand, winning 7 out of 9 matches played over 10 days
  9. 1975 Racial Discrimination Act – passed through Government
  10. 1980 1st Dally M Awards – 'Player of the Year' awarded to Robert Laurie
  11. 1985 Uluru Handed Back to its' traditional owners, the Anangu peoples
  12. 1986 Malcolm Cochrane – awarded Rothman's Medal.
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